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Acquire a boat or real estate

Acquire real estate

A natural person or legal non-Seychellois may purchase real estate in Seychelles subject to obtaining a sanction issued by the government of Seychelles.

The sanctions granted are valid for one year from the date on which they were issued, during which period the transactions must have been carried out and recorded.

  • Sale and Purchase of Exceptional Real Estate (villas, land);
  • Advice and preparation of the sales agreement;
  • Constitution of sanction file;

Rent – Buy – Sell Yachts

The marina of the Seychelles, newly created (2010) is one of the most important of the Indian Ocean.

Many boats are anchored here, yachts, sailboats, but also small units.

Many owners of Eden Island possess their vessels for commercial purposes by giving management to the Seychellois. This allows a return on their boat and enjoy the pleasures of sailing during their stays.

A market purchase and resale of boats has gradually installed on the island.
Several “brokers” are already registered in this area.

Our firm can advise you, put you in touch with local authorities and help you obtain a boat rental license.


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