Short term, medium term or long term rental

Short term rental (Holidays in Seychelles)

The Seychelles have protected their environment, making it a destination of choice.

Several options are available to tourists who wish to visit the Seychelles.

  • Renting an apartment in a holiday complex ; link
  • Homestay accommodation ;
  • Rent sailboats, catamarans etc …
  • Hotel (3 * to 5 * luxury) ;
  • Inter island cruise ;

Whatever type of accommodation chosen, the traveler will be surprised by the highly protected environment in the region.

Camping is prohibited on the whole territory.

Low budget accommodations are not present, and there are very few hotel clubs on the island. All the rentals offered must first be visited by the tourism department in order to obtain a license. link

We must remember that the Seychelles have developed several decades of upscale tourism, the privileged who have the opportunity to stay here accept these conditions.

In November 2020, for the first time in the Seychelles, a holiday club, Club Med will open a 5 star hotel on Sainte-Anne island.

Medium or long term rental

Example of medium and long term rental:

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