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Offshore IBC (international Business Company)

  • The company off shore has Memorandum specifying activities in which the enterprise can be committed.
  • These activities are regulated by specific legislation.
  • The company offshore is incorporated by one or several physical or moral persons.
  • It can have a preceded denomination or followed by ”Ltd.“, “Inc.”, ”Corp.“
  • There is no minimum capital, most often the capital is set at USD 100,000, it can be USD 1 or USD 1,000,000.
  • No obligation to depose the capital.
  • Possibility to have nominee director or nominee shareholders.
  • The shares are exclusively registered.
  • The client doesn’t need to go to Seychelles islands, all the constitution can be alone done through internet.
  • The International Business Company (IBC) of Seychelles can be the owner of vessels planes, buildings (not in Seychelles).
  • The Seychelles Offshore Company can invest in TRUSTS, investment funds.
  • • The registered office must be in Seychelles with a registered agent.
  • The annual tax fixed for the life of the Company off shore is USD 140 whatever the capital; IT’S THE ONLY TAX TO BE PAID.
  • An IBC in Seychelles is exempt from all profit tax, transfer taxes etc … unless it trades on Seychelles territory, which is possible in part since 2019, in which case it is subject to a “business tax” as a local company.
  • Keeping the records of the Seychelles Offshore Company accounts for 7 years is an obligation.

Advantages of IBC Located in Seychelles jurisdiction

  • Large choice of names possible.
  • Relatively preserved confidentiality.
  • Total exemption from tax, levy, stamp duty, tax (except annual flat rate tax).
  • No capital gains, no inheritance tax.
  • No compulsory account deposit but obligation to keep the archives of the Seychelles Offshore Company accounts for 7 years.
  • Banking secret.
  • Registered shares.
  • No requirement for a local manager.
  • The cheapest annual tax in the world.
  • No obligation to hold general meetings.
  • Possibility to open a bank account for your Seychelles offshore company anywhere in the world.

Activities of the offshore company in Seychelles

The Seychelles offshore company may engage in any lawful activity except the restrictions below.

It can trade with all countries even with Seychelles and it can own and manage vessels registered in Seychelles.

The new law clarifies that an IBC may own or operate a vessel registered in Seychelles under the Merchant Shipping Act and the vessel may visit Seychelles or be located in Seychelles territorial waters, provided the IBC does not ‘does not carry out any commercial activity in the Seychelles.

Restriction of activities:

The law (act 2016) on International Business Company does not allow an IBC in Seychelles to have the following activities:

  • have an interest in real estate or rent real estate in Seychelles.
  • have an insurance or reinsurance business.
  • carry out an activity of International Corporate Service, international trustee or foundation and the following activities unless they are authorized or otherwise legalized under the laws of the country outside the Seychelles where the Seychelles offshore company carries out this activity.
  • securities broker;
  • operation of a mutual fund;
  • online casinos;
  • stockbroker, bank, trust;
  • cryptomoney

Company CSL (Company Special Licence)

The Company CSL (Company Special License) is a legal structure in Seychelles governed by the Seychelles Companies Act 1972 supplemented by the provisions of the Companies Act 2003.

This structure is more expensive than an offshore IBC (International Business Company) company, but offers the advantage of benefiting from double taxation drafts signed by Seychelles, considered as tax resident in Seychelles.

Double taxation treaties

The Seychelles Islands have to date concluded several double taxation treaties with the following countries: Barbados, Botswana, China, Cyprus, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam etc …

The Seychelles jurisdiction regularly signs treaties and our list is not kept up to date, you can consult directly by following the link:

The incorporation of a Company Special License in Seychelles allows to benefit from the tax provisions of Seychelles and to benefit from the treaties without double taxation.

The laws are the Seychelles Companies Act 1972 and by the 2003 Act specific to Special Business License companies.

Benefits of a CSL Company "Special Business License" in Seychelles

The corporate purpose of this company can be:

Human resources company, recruitment company; Franchise company; Investment advice; Offshore banking reinsurance and insurance; Investment company; “Holding” company “Marketing” advertising company; Company owning intellectual property; Company headquarters; any activity in the International Free Zone, and in general any activity approved by the Seychelles authority.

A special business license in Seychelles is exempt from tax on assets or dividends, on royalties. It is also exempt from the registration fee on transfers of property, shares or other financial transactions.

A special business license is exempt from commercial tax on all supplies and equipment for the use of its offices in Seychelles.

As of January 1, 2019, CSLs are taxed in accordance with the applicable tax rates specified in the “Business Tax Act”.

  • For a CSL with a turnover of one million rupees or less, the rate is 1.5% of turnover or 25% of profit.
  • For a CSL with a turnover of over one million rupees, the rate is 30% of profit.

In addition, they benefit from an exemption from social security contribution and work permit rights for its expatriate staff for 10 years, which must not exceed 50% of its total workforce. The identity of directors, partners or economic beneficiaries is communicated to the authorities but not disclosed to the public.

The bank account can be opened in the Seychelles Islands or in another country.

Obligations of a CSL Company Special License in Seychelles

Company Special License companies pay:

  • a royalty of 200 USD annually for account processing
  • an annual license of USD 1,000
  • administration fees of 200 USD

The capital of a special business license can be in the chosen currency, no minimum is required, and the amount of capital does not have to be released for registration formalities.

The memorandum of a Company Special License must be signed by at least TWO partners, the TWO directors who must be natural persons but not yet resident in Seychelles, must consent to their appointment, as well as the resident secretary (an international corporate service provider).

Our company prepares you in all the administrative procedures for creating and maintaining your business Special license: business plan, drafting of articles of association in English, certification by a notary, putting in touch with the accountant, the secretary etc …

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